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The setup I used for shooting the Sun on July 13th
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A nice group appears! 2/9/18
Spotless sun again but three big proms 1/28/18
Tiny Sunspot group but bad seeing. 12/24/17
Spotless sun but nice prom 11/22/17
Finally, a new sun spot! its tiny, but seeing was decent. 11/26/17
Mercury transit May 9, 2016
Spotless sun - but with nice big arch prom 10/20/17
Solar Eclipse AND morning sunspots! 8/21/17
Finally, a new sunspot after weeks of a blank sun 7/9/17
Finally, a larger sunspot! 7/13/17
Two giant spots appear with one flaring! 9/4/17
4/23/17 a new spot group on limb!
Returning active Region 4/20/17
Two magificent spot groups on 4/2/17
First clear day of the year solar shots 1/29/17


After months of waiting, a new set of spot groups 3/30/17


Big "Iguana Prom" 12/8/16


A few nice proms and killer active regions! 10/7/16


A good sized prom on the limb today! 9/11/16


A very welcome big sunspot group during a protracted lull in solar activity! 9/4/16


Finally some small sunspots appear after weeks of zero sunspots 8/14/16
The sun once again awakens from a zero spot state 8/5/16
The big spot in Halpha 7/21/16
The appearance of a group of nice sunspots 7/17/16
A nice "Arboreal" Prom and killer solitary sunspot 6/17/16
October 23 solar images and Eclipse (2014)
Two small spots with great details 6/12/16
One small sunspot after a blank Sun Post Transit Mercury 6/9/16
Solar details May 26 the Big spot on the limb
Solar limb details as the naked eye sunspot leaves 5/24/16
  Large solitary sunspot 5/22/16
Solar action with nearly no sunspots 4/3/16
Solar action on a nearly blank disk 2/20/16


Solar and Mecury Jan 24, 2016


Solar snow adventure 1/9/16
A few nice proms today 1/3/16
A nice spot group finally appears, but seeing is bad. 12/30/15
A huge prom on the limb when there are no good sunspots! 11/27/15
A large ring filament and some very nice proms 11/14/15
A very large spot group 11/1/15


A flare and prom arch in very poor seeing 10/31/15
Giant filaments, flares and big sunspots 9/17/15


A few small spots in Halpha, between monsoon rains 8/2/15


A new big sunspot group! 6/21/15


Solar limb action 4/14/15


Solar Action 11/28/14


Solar bliss with 3/5 seeing 5/17/14


Solar limb action 2/8/14


Plenty of solar action for December 31, 13 


Solar filament action 10/20/13
Solar Images for the weekend of 8/11/13
Solar Images with the Questar and ND3.8 filter 6/8/13
Solar Images with the AR152 December 22, 2012
White lights and halpha 9/2/12
Full size solar disk 6 megapixel 8/12/12


Final Report Venus Transit 6/5/12


Final Eclipse report - Photo Pictorial 5/21/12


Weekend Eclipse report - First Postings 5/21/12

Weekend report 4/22/12
Weekend report 4/8/12
Weekend report 2/26/12
Weekly report 2/5/12
Daily report 1/15/12
Weekly report 12/31/11
Daily report 1/3/12
Daily report 12/30/11
Daily report 12/29/11
Weekly report 12/17/11
Big Weekly Report for Thanksgiving week
Giant Arch Prom weekly report 11/19/11
Weekly report 11/11/11


Weekly report 11/04/11


Solar Highlights 10/22-23/11


Solar Highlights 10/15/11


Huge Ha Montage 10/1/11
Monster CaK Montage 10/01/11
Massive X class solar Flare and Plasma ejection 9/25/11
The Sun today 9/18/11
The Sun today 9/17/11
The Sun today 9/11/11
The Sun today 9/10/11
First experiments with iMerge 9/5/11
The Sun in Multiple wavelengths 9/4/11
The Sun today 8/27/11
The Sun today 8/20/11
The Sun today 8/14/11
The Sun today 8/6/11
The Sun today 7/24/11
The Sun today 7/17/11
The Sun today 7/3/11


The Sun today 6/26/11


The Sun today 6/12/11


The Sun today 6/12/11


The Sun today 5/30/11


The three sun spots 1/23/11
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