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Uploaded 11/22/07

Here you will find our work with the 10D DSLR camera, which are now entering the world of astrophotography. Thes cameras shoot just like a film camera and using them is a pleasure. You can see from the diversity of these images that they will play an increasingly important role in our imaging in the future to come!


First Results - The New D Aurora Cam
Venus Returns! 9/5/07
Weather Balloon 9/2/07
Venus/Saturn Conj. 6/30/07
12/14-15/06 Aurora Over Payson!
Triple Conjunction 12/8/06
South Polar Region 8/19/06
Zodiacal Light in morning From near Winton 8/12/06
Paul Tierny's Southern Astroimages
Milkyway Rising in the Outback 7/26/06
LMC/SMC in Ruddy moring twilight 8/06/06
Milkyway Setting in the West in Winton 7/29/06
LMC/SMC on Horizon 7/22/06
Just Under Scorpius 7/10/06
LMC/SMC over Sheep Station 7/8/06
The Dusty Milkyway 7/19/06
Horizon to Horizon 7/14/06
Rocket Launch at White Sands 7/11/06


DSLR Polar Star trails technique
Moon and Venus 4/24/06


NGC869-884 The Double Cluster with Canon 10D


Merope and the Seven
Sisters with the Canon


10D shots at near Full moon with the Meade 622


Jupiter/Venus Conjunction 11/5/04


A new Moon Processing Technique


October 27th Total Lunar Eclipse From Payson


Dialation Processing


Cassiopiea Dialation Processing Experiments

The Merope Nebula II 30 mins - 10D
NGC404 with 10D Galaxy in Androm.
Sword of Orion with 10D

Comet Machholz in Orion 12/10/04
The Orion Nebula 1 min exposure - 10D
NGC404 with 10D Galaxy in Androm.
Moonlit Desert Scene
Orion from Happy Jack 17mm f/4 L with 10D
M35 and NGC2158 In Gemini with 10d
From Orion to Auriga with the 10D from HJ
Space Station Flyover March 26, 2005
Comet Machholz 4/29/05
Comet Tempel 1 June 9/05
The Quiet Ha Sun 6/25/05
Tail of Scorpius with 10D
Sun in Ha 7/10/05
Lunar Eclipse Oct. 17, 2005
Mars Rise Oct. 25th over Payson
NGC7789 in Cass


Weather Ballon in AM 4/5/07


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