Updated 3/26/11

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NGC3628 in Leo 4/2/11


M97/M108 in UMa 5/11/11
Markarians Chain in Virgo 5/20/11


NGC925 in Traingulum 11/17/12


NGC672 11/24/12

NGC2683 in Lynx 11/15/10

NGC147 Dwarf in Cass 11/05/10

NGC1275 in Perseus 12/4/10


NGC891 in Andromeda 11/19/10


NGC4485/90 Enhanced Hydrogen Comparison


M65/66 Enhanced Hydrogen Comparison

WLM 12/15/07
M33 Enhanced Hydrogen Comparison
M82 - Enhanced Hydrogen comparison 3/20/07
NGC206 Enhanced Hydrogen Comparison 12/12/06
NGC7479 in Pegasus 12/16/06
NGC2403 in Camel 12/30/06
NGC2403 Enhanced Hydrogen Comparison 1/2/07
NGC6946 "Broadband" 9/1/06
NGC206 In Search of Hydrogen 12/10/06
NGC6822 in Sag. Enhanced Hydrogen Comparison 8/12/07
M51 and then some 5/13/06
NGC2903 in a New Light 5/4/06
NGC2903 in the light of HYDROGEN
IC1613 in Cetus Local Group Galaxy resolved
NGC4438 - The Eyes Galaxies in Virgo
M61 in Virgo and friends
NGC2403 in Camel
Messier Galaxies
M31 Core - with 10D


M31 Andromeda Galaxy
M31 core Spiral in Andromeda
M33 Triangulum Galaxy
M51 Spiral Galaxy in CVn
51 and NGC5195 Spiral galaxies in UMa
M51 The Whirlpool
 M61 in Virgo
M63 Spiral Galaxy in CVn
M64 - The Black Eye Galaxy in Coma
M65 Spiral Galaxy in Leo
 M66 Spiral Galaxy
M65-M66 Galaxy Duet In Leo
 M74 Spiral in Pisces

M81 Spiral galaxy in Ursa Major
M81 Spiral in Uma
M82 Exploding Galaxy in UMa

8.5 hour expsoure on M82
M82 in Ha 3.5 hour exposure
M95 in Leo 
 M99 Spiral in Cber
M101 Spiral Galaxy in Uma
Spiral Galaxy in UMa


M101 Enhanced by Hydrogen Alpha Filter
M101 with ST8i Ha enhanced
M102 Spiral in Draco
  M106 Spral in CVn 
M108 Spiral Galaxy in Ursa Major
Fully resolved M33 with 10D

M77 Spiral in Cetus
M51 with new ST10XME
M61 in Virgo and friends
M65-M66 in Leo with ST10XME
M33 with Hydrogen clouds
NGC Galaxies 1 - 1999
NGC772 Spiral Galaxy in Aries
  NGC925 in Triangulum
NGC1055 Spiral in Cetus
NGC895Spiral in Cetus
NGC891 in Andromeda
NGC891 Edge on in Andromeda
 NGC891 in Andromeda
NGC205 Dwarf Elliptical in And
NGC185 Dwarf El in Cass
NGC936 Barred in Cetus
NGC1275 Galaxy Group in Perseus
NGC672 in Triangulum
NGC404 with 10D Galaxy in Androm.
NGC Galaxies 2000 - 2999
NGC2207 - IC2163 In Canis Major
NGC2775 in Hydra
NGC2403 Face on in Camel
NGC2403 in Camel 1

NGC2997 in Antlia
NGC6946 Spiral Galaxy in Cygnus
NGC2903 in Leo Spiral Galaxy
NGC2903N Spiral Galaxy in Leo
NGC2683 Spiral Galaxy in Lynx
NGC2535 Spiral in Cancer
NGC2543 Barred Spiral in Lynx
NGC2537 Bear Paw Galaxy in Lynx
NGC2903 in Leo First Light for ST10XME
NGC2403 in Camel
NGC Galaxies 3000 - 3999
NGC3190 Galaxy Grp
  NGC3953 Sprial in UMa
NGC3115 Lenticular Galaxy in Sextans 

NGC3432 Edge on in Leo Mi
NGC3628 In Leo
 NGC3718 and Hickson 56
NGC3190 Group FIRST ST7E Image
The NGC3190 Group on a night of good seeing
NGC Galaxies 4000 - 4999
 NGC4395 Dim Face on
NGC4038/9 Colliding Galaxies
NGC4631 Edge on in CVn
NGC4656 -Crowbar Galaxy
NGC4565 in Coma
NGC4088 in UMa

NGC4485-90 Interacting Pair
NGC4676 The Mice Galaxies
NGC4302/4298 Galaxy pair in Coma
NGC4725 in Coma
NGC Galaxies 5000 - 5999
NGC5921 in Serpens

NGC5907 in Draco 
NGC5985 in Draco
NGC5905/8 Spirals in Draco
NGC5846/50 Twin Galaxies in Virgo
NGC5982 The Draco Trio
NGC Galaxies 6000 - 6999
NGC6951 Obscured Spiral in Cep

NGC6946 Spiral in Cygnus
NGC6503 Spiral in Draco
NGC6384 Spiral in Ophiuchus
NGC6703 in Lyra
NGC Galaxies 7000 - 8000
NGC7331 and companions
NGC7814 - Electric Arc Galaxy
NGC7479 Barred Spiral in Peg
NGC7741 Barred Sp. in Peg
IC Galaxies


IC10 Irr Galaxy in Cass
IC342 in Camel
Named Galaxies and Misc.
The Tadpole Galaxy UGC10214 in Draco
   Stephans Quintet Galaxies in Pegasus
Hoag's Object in Serpens
The Integral Sign Galaxy - UGC3697
  Leo II Dwarf galaxy 
Leo 1
Maffei I

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