Updated 12/3/17

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Globular NGC6934 in Delphinus 9/3/16


M3 with 10 inch 5/11/16
Globular NGC6934 in Delphinus 9/3/16
M4 Globular in Scorpius with 8" f/3.9 Astrograph in Happy Jack 7/16/16
NGC5897 5/31/14
NGC5053 Globular in Coma B 4/26/14


M15 in Pegasus 10/13/12
Palomar 14 in Hercules


M3/M53 Autoguide tests 5/5/07


Palomar 10 in Sagitta 10/21/07


NGC6712 & IC1295 Globular & Dim Planetary in Scutum


M5 Globular Cluster 5/11/09
Palomar 2 Extremely Obscured Globular


M3 Golden Stars
M13 Globular
NGC6229 in Hercules
Omega Centuari with 10D
M5 Globular in Serpens 
NGC5897 - Dim globular in Libra
NGC5634 Globular in Virgo 
NGC2419 Globular "The Intergalactic Tramp
Palomar 5 Very faint Globular

 M92 - Hercs other glob

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