Open Clusters

Updated 1/19/14

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 M34 in Perseus
 NGC2158 Companion to M35
  NGC2362 Tau CMa
Barnard 86 Dark nebula
NGC457 Cluster in Cass
M36 Open Cluster in Auriga


Praesepe - M44


NGC457 2/25/12


NGC663 2/25/12


M103 2/25/12


M38 in Auriga 4/24/11


M37 in Auriga 4/16/11


M36 in Auriga 4/11/11


Central M44 4/1/11


Cr132/134 in Canis Major 3/26/11


NGC2362 in Canis Major 3/18/11


M41 in Canis Major 3/18/11

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