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Uploaded 10/13/16:
More scans of UV lamps including new Adafruit UV Leds

Uploaded 10/3/16:
300 lpmm scans of UV light sources

Uploaded 3/30/14
More filter and plant scans can be found here!

Uploaded 3/23/14

Lets start with a brief overview of the instrument I am currently building and optimising. It is about 18 inches long, and seen here with the covers removed just before I painted the inside black, which would have made such an image hard to see at best. Key features include the "Flip Mirror" and "Flip Slit" which allows unusual versitality and ease of use. Three different gratings can be inserted on the shaft of the electronic shaft encoder. This set includes the 300, 600, and 1200 lpmm reflection gratings. A unique feature is the imaging lens is zoomable from 12 to 70mm allowing an optimal field for each grating to be realized. I can JUST get the entire visual spectrum with the 300 grating and zoom set for 30mm.

The entire unit is constructed from 1/4 inch Popular hard wood and is quite light for its size. Currently I am using Imaging Source cameras for the CCD detector, seen here is a DMK31.

And the final appearance after painting and labeling: Latest Results: March 23, 2014 Final Results with the 600lpmm grating on the Sun - Write up HERE March 16, 2014
Solar Spectrum - Visible Range 400 - 700nm with 300 lpmm Grating
Solar Spectrum - Full Range 350 - 800nm with 300 lpmm Grating
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 Left: Produced in RSpec, this analysis of the full range solar spectrum is annotated with the prominent features and a synthetic color spectrum at the bottom.

Some Filter scans.

To produce these visible band spectral scans of various interference filters, a Quartz Halogen light source was used as a source for the tests. The spectrums were imaged as .avi files and the filter raw response was divided by the lamp spectrum for an absolute response, with accurate transmission percentages on the left side.

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Halogen Light Source full range from UV to IR
Dividing the Halogen raw image by itself yeilds a flat line - this is the source for the filters The line is at 1.00 = 100% transmission
Calibration source is a neon lamp. The resolution of the system can be evaluated (15A FWHM) Prominent spectral lines indicated and at the bottom a synthetic spectrum that matched the visual view.
  Lumicon Deep Sky Filter
Astrodon 6nm Hydrogen Alpha Filter
Lumicon H Beta filter
  Lumicon Swan Band Comet Filter (yes it looks like an UHC, but it is different)
Lumicon UHC filter
Wratten 92 Deep Red gel filter
Previous Latest Uploads: 1. Basic spectrograph layout during construction with lots of photos 2. Some preliminary solar spectral close ups with the 1200 lpmm grating 3/1/14 Spectrographic Projects with the Star Analyzer Interfocal Grating
 Here is an example of this in effect. A very faint comet ISON when it was dim and small in the 12.5" scope made a suitable target for the transmission grating. In this image at the left, you can see both the standard sharp stars image, and to thier right side is the drawn out short spectrum. ISON is to the left of center, and you can see its tiny nucleus and short tail. To its right is its spectrum which can be analyzed with appropriate software for signatures of molecules.
  Click on this thumbnail for a whole page of some wide field spectroscopic survey images with the above setup! Each star is a point source and will be visible dimly on the left side, while the spectra of each star is a colored streak to its right. This grating is 100 lines per millimeter ruled, such low dispersion is great for dim objects as it does not spread the light out too much and make it hard to see.
Low Resolution Spectroscopic Series - OBAFGKM
Be Stars (B stars with emission lines) B0 - B9
Additional Main Sequence Normal Dwarfs to Super Giants OBAFGKM
Planets and Moons -- Europa vs Io
INDIVIDUAL TOPICS -- SS Cygni Observations -- Stars in M45 graphic --Stars in Cassiopiea Graphic
NOVA -- Nova Delphi 8/17/13
Comets   Comet ISON 10/12/13