Photographic tests of Unique Photo Supra,

Schmidt focus, and Autoguiding

Uploaded 3/10/03

The following images are test shots taken a day before first quarter moon up at Happy Jack Arizona, at the new Clear Creek Canyon Observatory. After the unwanted gradients from the nearby moon were removed, the resulting images show promise for future imaging. All shots are short 5 minute exposures, or combinations thereof. Also tested this evening was a new focus setting on the Schmidt, to render the smallest possible star images. In addition, this is the first time the mounting has been setup for guiding those grueling long 5 minute exposures with the ST4.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger 800 wide image.

 The sword region of Orion, 2x5m exposures on Kodak Supra 400. Plenty of red nebulosity fills the field.

 Rosette nebula, 5 mins on Supra. Note the tattered ring to the upper left, an ancient SNR.

 The Lambda Orionis Buble fills the entire field except for the corners in this image, 2x5mins.

 Focusing a Schmidt camera. To do this briefly, an eight inch newtonian is focused on a star at high magnification, and pointed into the front of the schmidt. Then the film holder seen here with some magazine paper is bent until it appears sharp in the occular of the eight inch. Crude, but very effective.

 The eight inch schmidt, photograhed the next morning on its homemade mount. Ive added tons of dew heaters since the last shot.

Instrument:  8 Inch f/1.5 Schmidt Camera
Date:  3/9/03
Platform:  Homemade GEM, with Byers Starmaster Drive
Exposure:  5mins
Filters:  None
Location:  Happy Jack, Arizona
Elevation:  6800 ft.
Sky:  Seeing 9/10, Transparency 8/10
Outside Temperature:  0 C
Processing Tools:  Photoshop, Maxim
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