The Large Magellenic Cloud -2

From the Australian Outback

Updated 9/16/02

With the LMC centered here, a wealth of deep sky treasures can be seen in one image. This is the forte of the Schmidt camera - a large field of view, 9 degrees wide here at extreme resolution across the entire field with no aberrations or coma that is present in other types of optical systems. This image was developed in D19 for enhanced contrast which reveals many faint details in the nebulosity, but tends to burn out the Tarantula nebula seen to the upper left. Another effect that was especially noticeable was the disappearance of many faint stars when the file was reduced this size for the web. The original was scanned at 2700 dpi and the small faint stars were only a few pixels in diameter. When reducing to this size, 1290 wide, the image lost multitudes of the dust like faint stars in the original. Also saving the image as a 250k sized JPG here from the 3Mb file induced some softness to the image. Often, when publishing schmidt images in magazines, the publisher will put the image slightly out of focus so the stars don't disappear when reproducing at smaller sizes.

Instrument:  5.5 inch f/1.65 Celestron Schmidt Camera
Exposure: 10 mins
Scanner:  Nikon LS2000
Film:  Hypered 2415
Location:  Queensland Australia
Processing:  Photoshop, PW Pro.

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Chris Schur

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