The Questar 3.5" Maksutov / Cassegrain Uploaded 2/12/14
Left: This is our 1960 model Questar, and is virtually identical to the original design first sold in the mid 50s. It is 100% functional, and we have all the original accessories including two thread in eyepieces, a small solar filter, push in legs, lens covers and aperture stops. The English Saddle hand rubbed leather case is also in great shape because it was stored in the transport vinyl cover for over 50 years. I am currently making a wedge for it so it can be used on our heavy duty Meade tripod but it works very well on a nice video grade tripod for now. We intend to use it for nature viewing and possibly photography, and of course see what this scope can do on the moon and planets at night!
General close ups of the telescope: Click Thumbnail for an Enlarged view:

  Side of Declination fork arm 5/13
  Front view with tiny 1.5" chromium solar filter 5/13
Set up on the Balcony for some Lunar and Planetary imaging 5/13
  The new Wedge is finally Done! 5/24/13
  Selected Questar Advertisments over the years
Images with the Questar Click Thumbnail for an Enlarged view: Daytime Shots
  Shot with Kodak point and shoot camera of pinion tree off of balcony. Click on image to see red square for the field of the next image...
Pointed the camera right into the eyepieces looking at a baby pine cone up close
Solar Images
  Full aperture setup for solar imaging using a Baader Film frontal filter, and DMK 51 camera 5/13
Setup in back of SUV for solar imaging this was the very first test. 5/13
  Initial first solar image at prime focus. Baader film, Baader Continuum and IR/UV blocker filters and DMK51 camera May 2013
Lunar Images
  Lunar shootout for May 18, 3013
  Full Moon for Fun!
More lunar images at half moon phase 6/15/13
  Some higher Resolution images from the Balcony 6/17/13
  Nearly full moon 6/22/13
  Moon and Jupiter 2/8/14
Planets and Solar System
  First Saturn shots of the Season! 5/18/13
Best Saturn so far... 5/24/13
Solar Images
  Solar Images with the Questar and ND3.8 filter 6/8/13