Cbot - Plant Maintenance Robot 1 Preliminary Development Projects Updated 9/17/15 Key Search Words: ROBOT, ROBOTICS, ROBOTIC VISION, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, AI Plant progress upstairs after two months!

The two month mark is passed today, and the Chineese sugar peas are almost 6 feet tall and starting to flower. The robo radishes are coming along much more slowly, I dont see any red sticking up yet but they are getting leaves that are 8 inches long.

Here are a few shots taken this week of the current setup:

Left: Cybernetic Chineese Sugar Peas - climbing up the window blinds now. (image blacked out for security reasons)
Left: The robot this morning with its new motors and wheels waiting for the next morning.
Left: Robo-Radishes! The little red cap hung by wires in the funnel is the "Watering Truth Cup" and fills with water when the funnel gets watered. Thats how I know the plants got watered for the day. I dump it out every evening.
Left: Pea flower. I will cross pollinate them with a small paint brush so they get seeds.
Left: Window blinds with the same flower. The tendrills of the pea shoot are climbing up the blinds. Soon they will reach the ceiling. Then what do I do?

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