Cbot - Plant Maintenance Robot 1 Preliminary Development Projects Updated 8/9/15 Key Search Words: ROBOT, ROBOTICS, ROBOTIC VISION, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, AI The robot at night, looking for the next sunrise. Planter Water Distribution System for Autonomous Watering
To effectively distribute the water stream from the robot during the watering process, each planter will be set up with a modified funnel, and aquarium tubing to send the water in 4 equal streams to each plant. In this case, there will be four "bean sprouts" under each spigot. The water is very closely divided by 4 when put in the funnel and for an equivalent 1 second per plant watering from the robot, we turn on the water here for 4 seconds.
Left: View from the top just above the planter tray, with no dirt filled in yet. The funnel has been modified to add a water reservoir but is in the same position as before.
Left: Close up of the water filling funnel / reservoir. 1/4 inch aquarium air tubing is attached to the tubes at the bottom and the water is sent four ways.
Left: Water distribution on the outside of the planter. Water must always go downhill to keep the amount left in the tubing to a minimum!
Left: At the end of each tube, right over the plants root base is the Y shaped distribution outlet. Two nice streams come out when water is flowing.
Left: Pouring a few ounces in with the water flowing out of each Y end. The trays are just to catch the water for now. The soil level will be just below each outlet.

Left: Water flowing out of the end Y distributor.


NEXT - we add soil, seeds and move the robot to the final upstairs location. The robot will have to be permanently programmed with its new route as well.

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