Astrophotography with the Canon XTi - Main Page Uploaded 5/29/17
Here you will find our work with the Canon XTi which we had modified for maximum H-Alpha transmission by Hutech. The cameras noise is very low, and provides an excellent match for the wide angle lenses and Stellarvue SV80s.
Total Eclipse 9/27/15
M17 Region SV80s
Venus, Jupiter, M44 8/17/14
M24 Big Montage 7/24/14
Nova Delphi 8/17/13
NGC457 in Cass 9/20/10
NGC281 in Cass 11/3/10
Andromeda Galaxy Jinx is Over! 10/15/10
Veil Nebula in Cygnus 9/10/10

Jupiter/Uranus .8 deg apart on 9/17/10
Perseids 2010
M6 in Scorpius 7/22/10
NGC6441 & G Scorpi 7/18/10
M7 and its companions 7/10/10
Antares and NGC6144 7/8/10
Lagoon Nebula with new astrograph 7/5/10
Cygnus Ultra Deep 6/20/10
M53 in Coma Ber 5/31/10
Leo I in Leo 5/8/10
M81/M82 Galaxies in Uma 4/20/10
M67 in Cancer 4/18/10
M47 in Puppis 4/10/10
M46 & NGC2438 4/3/10
Leo Trio 3/27/10
M44 Star colors 3/20/10
M78 Field in Orion 3/16/10
NGC869/884 in Perseus 3/13/10
IC443 in Gemini 3/7/10
M35 with the XTi 2/2/10
NGC2359 in Canis Major 2/11/10
M43/43 1/10/10
Geminids 12/2010
NGC1893/IC410 In Auriga 2/19/10
Orionis First Light for 8" f/4 2/18/10
M45 in Taurus First Light for 8" f/4 2/18/10
NGC2024 in Orion 1/16/10
M34 with the XTi 1/2/10
The South Polar Region 7/25/09
Eta Carina wide field from Caboolture 8/15/09
Scorpius rising in the North East from Caboolture, QLD 7/18/09
Southern Skies over Palm Caboolture, QLD 7/9/09


Jupiter in the Summer Milkyway 6/22/09


Moon, M45, Mercury 4/27/09


Moon Venus conjunction 4/22/09
Comet Lulin Superimposed on the Gegenschein 2/26/09


Winton Stellar Bliss 11/21/08


M22 from Happy Jack 11/09/08


Looking due south at 2am from Winton 10/19/08


Zodiacal Band from Winton 10/3/08


Looking North from Winton 9/24/08


Mercury/Venus Conjunction Winton Australia 8/20/08


First all sky fisheye lens shot from Winton 9/16/08


Southern Milkyway setting over Thunder storm in Winton 9/10/08


The all new Aurora Cam II 8/2/08


Rosette Nebula 4/5/08


Zeta Orionis 4/4/08


M46/M47 in Puppis 4/11/08


March Zodiacal Light 3/29/08


Winter Allsky 3/2/08


Aurigid Meteor "Storm" 9/1/07


Comet Holmes with the SV80S 11/3/07
  Airglow during mid level Kp 9/9/07


First Sigma 8mm tests 9/10/07


Cygnus Widefield from Light Polluted Payson 9/16/07


6 hours of Polar rotation from Payson 9/10/07
ISS/Shuttle flyover 8/20/07
Polar Trails 4/20/07


Weather Ballon in AM 4/5/07
Cassiopiea MilkyWay From Payson 1/16/07
Wide Angle Winter Milkyway from Payson 1/13/07
First Hutech XTi Tests 12/31/06