Wide Angle Photography

Updated 6/17/02

Getting wider fields than the prime focus or Schmidt cameras requires the use of commercial lenses. While the most versitile are either the 50mm or 135mm focal lengths, fish eye lenses can also be of great service for aurora and zodiacal light shots. The author uses the now extinct but superior Pentax Super Taukamar lenses for this applicaiton.


Fisheye - All Night Long!


Polar shot in April (No Aurora)




Sagittarius Star Cloud


Nebulosities in Orion

  M42 with Elite 100
Gamma Cygni Area
Tracked Southern sky images 
Australia Trip Star Trail Imags page
Setting Southern Stars on the Beach
Sedona Sunset
Atmospheric Phenomenon at Sunset in Karumba

Southern Cross - Shot in fall of 1999 while deep in the Outback of Australia at the town of Chillagoe, this shot was six 15 second exposures on a 28mm f/2.8 lens mounted on a tripod. The images were combined digitally into one to create this "tracked" shot. Kodak Pro400ppf.

South Celestial Pole - From the same locality as above deep in the Outback, this early morning shot of the LMC and SMC rotating around the south celestial pole was with the same set up as above, but with a 15 minute unguided shot.

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