M16 - M 17 Region Montage

Rich Milky Way Region

Uploaded 7/1903

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This field, about 8 degrees square was made from two deep schmidt camera images from Happy Jack. An enormous amount of Milky Way detail can be seen here, especially in the larger images. The three key red emission nebula in this field are M17 - The Swan Nebula just below center, M16 - The Eagle Nebula just above center, and Sharpless 2-54 as the amorphous object at the top. Numerous dark nebula can also be seen in this image. Barnard 95 is at the top edge on the left side, Barnard 313 on the left edge in a brilliant star field and Barnard 297 to the lower right corner. With such a huge field, one could go on and on concerning the hordes of deep sky objects in this field, it is left to the reader to sit with a star chart in lap, and explore the riches of this region!

Processing note: These images are large file sizes because the tiny details in the original file could not be easily compressed without severe detail loss in the final image.

Instrument:  8" f/1.5 Celestron Schmidt Camera
Platform:  Homemade GEM
Film:  Kodak Supra 400
CCD Autoguider: ST4
Exposure:  2x8mins Each Image
Filters:  NONE
Location:  Happy Jack, Arizona
Elevation:  6800 ft.
Sky:  Seeing 8/10, Transparency 8/10
Outside Temperature:  15 C
Processing: Photoshop, PW Pro.


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