NGC869/884 - The Double Cluster

Twin Open Clusters in Perseus

Uploaded 12/22/04

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 Twin rich open clusters in the same Winter Milkyway field is irresistible to the astrophotographer. This evening, the sky was dark and transparent, and seeing was better than 1 arcsecond. This is the deepest shot yet I've taken of this object, and reveals tens of thousands of stars ranging from blues to gold across the entire field. NGC869 is on the left and NGC884 to the right. Both are 5th and 6th magnitudes respectively and span several degrees. To the lower left is Stock 4, a very large and sparse, but bright splashy open cluster.

IF you can, at least look at the medium sized file, or if bandwidth allows the largest. The amount of detail in this image is worth it.

Instrument: 8" f/1.5 Celestron Schmidt Camera Platform: Homemade GEM Film: Kodak Supra 400 CCD Autoguider: ST4 Exposure: 2x8mins Filters: NONE Location: Happy Jack, Arizona Elevation: 6800 ft. Sky: Seeing 10/10, Transparency 10/10 Outside Temperature: -5 C Processing: Photoshop, PixInsight. HOME SCHMIDT GALAXIES EMISSION NEBS REFLECTION NEBS COMETS GLOBULARS OPEN CLUST PLANETARIES LINKS 


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