The Alpha Scutum Region

Rich Milky Way Region

Uploaded 11/04/03

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This gorgeous star cloud is in a field centered on the star alpha, in the constellation of Scutum. This field is filled with several emission objects, star clusters, plentiful dark nebula, and of course a very rich Milkyway field. A few of the more interesting objects are highlighted below:

Clusters: The two most obvious star clusters is the splashy group just to the left of Alpha, this is CR387. And of course, the very bright starlike object in the lower left corner is M26.

Emission Nebula: Sharpless 2-59 just above Alpha at about 11 o'clock. Straight up from Alpha, near the top in a dark nebula is Sharpless 2-60. A pair of smaller Sharpless objects lies to the lower left of Alpha, about 4 o'clock. This is Sharpless 2-58, and 57.

Dark Nebula: Some very stark dark clouds lie here as well. At the top center, is Barnard 103, But far more interesting is Barnard 100, the dark semi circular nebula - like a negative of the Crescent nebula in Cygnus - just to the lower right at about 5 o'clock from Alpha. The dark round patch at the extreme lower right is Barnard 97.

Instrument:  8" f/1.5 Celestron Schmidt Camera
Platform:  Homemade GEM
Film:  Kodak Supra 400
CCD Autoguider: ST4
Exposure:  2x8mins
Filters:  NONE
Location:  Happy Jack, Arizona
Elevation:  6800 ft.
Sky:  Seeing 8/10, Transparency 8/10
Outside Temperature:  10 C
Processing: Photoshop, PW Pro.


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