PIC Microcontroller Projects

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Updated 2/3/18

 Here I will list and document our non robot specific PIC projects along with photos, schematics and code listings. All code for all projects listed here written with the CCS C compiler and programmed with MPLAB IDE from Microchip.
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Sharp GP2D12 Sensor - Linearizing the distance measurments over the full range for use in robot sensing and mapping.
24 hour Data Log Recorder. Records both brightness and temperature for 24 hours, every 15 minutes. Powered by the amazing 12F1840 processor, and runs for a long time on a 9v battery.
A Bargraph display external temperature monitor for viewing in the security web cam remotely. A powerful 40 pin 16F887 PIC running at 20MHz multiplexes 22 tri color LEDs to display the outside temperature on a sealed probe 3 feet away mounted outside through a access panel in the wall. The temperature reads out with three colors as well, indicating the numerical range of each digit.
An automated plant light using LED technology. Turns on at dusk for 4 hours, then waits till daylight to search again for night time to run the cycle again. LED's match the spectral needs of plants with red and blue high intensity lamps.
An adjustable RGB flashlight with 3 watts of output power. I was able to use the very inexpensive PIC12F675 chips and no external crystals for an inexpensive but potent project. Runs on two 9v batteries and is a blast outside in the dark!
A color sensor for the robot. Ill try to make several different types, but for this first attempt I use separate Cadmium Sulfide photocells and some gel filters. The processor is a PIC16F876a but can be any new type with 10 bit converters.
A thermistor based temperature readout with an LCD and flashing LED for reading remotely with your security web cam. Uses a 16F876a processor and radio shack thermistor.
A Continuous rotation servo controller using a serial interface. This is the first version of several servo drivers, this one uses the very inexpensive 12F629 uController and yeilds 6 speeds for controlling your small robot.
A stepper motor controller chip for mobile robotics applications. Parallel interface and adjustable speeds and other parameters.
A very important project for me, a stand alone compass chip to take the data from the complex Adafruit triple axis magnetometer, and convert to a bearing with two decimal places. This is sent serially to the main processor - thus off loading all the code and libraries to another separate chip and leaveing tons of room on the main processor for other tasks....
A robot sound generation chip using a PIC16F628a addressed from the main processor using RS232 single byte commands at 9600kb.
High Precision RS232 Sonar Chip 9/3/15
A remote sensing high accuracy sensor chip for the SRF04 sonar, which sends serial 9600kb data to a main processor to off load the processing overhead. Very accurate - reads distances to .01" over an 80 inch range.
Automotive Compass 6/12/15
Not only a demonstration of the Adafruit 3 axis magnetometer, but a very useful addtion to the car or truck for navigation around town!
TTL to RS232 PC to Micro converter 4/5/15
A really useful project, for use with the microcontrollers. This allows the robot or PIC project to communicate directly with Hyperterminal on the PC.
High Precision Servo Driver Box 1/14/15

This project will be used as a bench test component for setting up servos in other projects, including robots, and other moving devices. The knob is read with a 10 bit A/D and converted to a .5 to 2.5mS output pulse to drive a standard servo with an attachable digital display (used for other bench tests as well) for four digit accuracy in pulse width settings. This was my first major project written entirely in C. :o

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10 speed robot motor driver chip

This project will be for upcoming robots, a DC motor driver which allows a serial input at 9600 bps, and independently of the main processor sets the motor speeds from zero to maximum with 5 steps in each direction.

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Moisture Computer For Plants 3/6/15
A step in the direction of automated robotic plant maintainence. This computer measures the soils moisture content and sends it to a display.