Comet Machholz and Galaxy

on January 14th, 2005

Comet in Perseus

Uploaded 1/22/05

South up in this image, 1 degree in width.
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 There are two faint 14th magnitude galaxies in this image, both are within the coma of the comet. Just below the nucleus and to the right is a very small galaxy - UGC2667, a 14.5 magnitude spiral that is only 1 arcminute in size. You'll need to look at the 1600 image to see this one. Far better, is UGC2685 to the right of the coma, just above the blue ion tail. This 14.5 magnitude object is 2 arcminutes and has a barred spiral appearance and is very yellow.

The comet is magnitude 4, and still very easily visible to the naked eye. The yellow/green dust tail extends upward and the blue gas tail is seen to the right of the coma.

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