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Scottsdale (Fiesta) Half Marathon December 11, 2016 Scottsdale, Az
The Finishers Shirt for the Event The Medal for the Events
Formerly called the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon, the new name of this very long running event highlights the events location in north Scottsdale. The race starts at Scottsdale Civic Center Plaza on Camel Back road, between Hayden and Scottsdale roads. You then head west to Scottsdale road, then north about 5 miles. Turning right on Double tree ranch road through some very nice neighborhoods with lots of palm trees and expensive houses. After about a mile, you turn right again onto Hayden and head south to Osborn road. Then turn in to head towards the finish at the Plaza. The 5k starts in the same spot a few minutes later, heads east and meets up with the last 3 miles of the Half route to the finish. Both races are flat and fast, and only have about 80 feet of elevation change. There are however bridge underpasses, bike paths, canal loops and sharp turns to make it interesting! We both did well, and had superb weather for this event.
Photo Pictorial
Runners lining up for the start of the Half

Police escort for runners

The Half Marathon has started!

Dawn lining up for the start of the 5k

Here I am coming in to the finish line on the Half

Finish line shot!

Dawns finish line shot!

The finishing area of the race

Last look back at the finish line

Dawn Race Walking the 5k Photos:

Chris running the Half Marathon:

Starting line rush!

Space Coast Marathon November 27, 2016 Space Coast, Florida
The long sleeve Technical shirt for the race and on the right is the gigantic towel they give you when you cross the finish line! Both half and Full Marathon Medals seen here

Traveling to the Florida Space Coast is certainly what is called a "Destination Marathon".  Why not combine a fantastic sea side race with a week of visiting the Kennedy Space Center and doing launch pad tours, combing shelly beaches, and checking out the natural history and science museums along the way?  Indeed, this is what we did for an entire week that ended with the Marathon.  A bonus was to see an Atlas rocket launch a weather satellite the day we arrived!  It doesn't get much better than that.  After a 4 hour plane flight out there we went to our motel which was not only beach side, but one of the bus loading locations to be taken to the marathon staring line.  Along the way, we stopped on an overpass and watched the rocket launch.

The Race

While Dawn worked in the aid stations and finish line area, I ran the full Marathon.  The course is very flat, like only 40 - 80 feet total elevation change and runs mostly right along the ocean or about one road away.  This keeps the wind blowing from the sea, offsetting the warm temps and high humidity.  The temp at race start was around 60, and warmed up to mid 70s near the end.  About 3000 runners did each race, and I made it all the way to finish area unscathed.  This is the only space themed race in the country and starts off with a big flat screen to the side of the start line showing shuttle launches.  You basically go 6.5 miles north, then back and then repeat going south and finally return to near the staring line at the finish area.  The finish area had plenty of food and drinks along with wet towels, and of course that huge finishers medal!

Photo Pictorial

Before the Race

Atlas 5 Rocket launch to send up a new Geos weather satellite. We parked on a bridge with about 50 others and watched the lift off from about 3 miles away. Canon 10D, 1/30 sec at f/3.5 and 200mm.

My attempt at astro imaging from a long dock on a pier, putting the 10D on a railing and doing up to 5 seconds exposure. The sky fog was bad, but you could see a few stars.

Same photo, but processed with sophisticated image processing software to remove sky fog. Ive labeled some of the constellations in the south here.

Dawn poses with her "Space Suit" she had to wear as a volunteer for the finish line. This was the first time she had to actually wear an outfit for such a thing.

Packet Pickup and Expo

Packet pickup was at a running store in Cocoa Beach.

Packet pick up booth

Race theme on display

Race medals on display

Expo - Packet pickup again...

the Expo



Race Day

At the start line, minutes before race start I got this shot with the big "Jumbo-tron" on the left.

Countless (Ok, 3000) runners behind me as far as I can see

Dawn took this shot in the dark of the marathon start.

During the race - Marathon Photo images

Finish Line shot, Here is minutes after I crossed the line shot by another runner.

Official Finish Line shot by Dawn

Space and Star Wars themed, a wild mixture!

Medals waiting to be handed out to finishers

Finish line

Main post race activity area, with big stage for concert.

Main stage with costume contest for runners

Final stage view

Dawn working the finish line!

Gigantic inflatable shuttle at finish area - is a slide for kids too!

Cocoa Beach Turkey Trot 5k November 24, 2016 Cocoa Beach, Florida
Medium arm length shirt from the Race

We did this race Thanksgiving Thursday morning during the week of the Space Coast Marathon which was on the weekend.  We decided to do this Turkey trot, which was only a few minutes from our motel, and I was able to get in some good fast training to help prepare for the big weekend race.  We signed up a few days before, in an exercise and fitness studio - which was highly disorganized..  They also ran out of shirts because so many more than last year had signed up.  We didn't know at the time how many runners would do this one, and how long the race had been run in the past.  Surprisingly, all worked out well and we had a fun time!

On race morning we showed up at the parking lot area used for the race start in a shopping plaza. We were thinking maybe 50 - 100 runners would be doing this one.   Soon, droves of other runners started to arrive in nearly perfect 60 degree running temps, no wind and under a cloudless sky.  And they kept on coming.  And coming. This race was getting huge!  about 2000 runners finally showed up for this race, now in its 16th year of running.  Runners were dressed in turkey outfits, drumstick hats, and some had plush stuffed turkeys on their heads!  There was even a opportunity for a four team relay to carry a 25 pound frozen turkey the whole way for charity. 

I did fairly well, averaging a moderately fast pace.  No medal at the finish, but they tell me our race shirts are coming in the mail soon....

Photo Pictorial
Race staging area in parking lot - runners are registering for the frozen turkey carry.

Race mascot...

4 life guards and their carry stretcher for the "injured" frozen turkey.

This is how runners were dressing for this outrageous race!

Filling up the staging area, only a fraction are here so far...

Police escort

Starting to line up on the road start line

As far as the eye can see - 2000 runners!

Waiting for race start.

After the run, in the finishing area - tokens for sale.

Finish line shot!

Post race finish line

Rim to Rim across the Grand Canyon - South to North Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, 2016

A most exciting and unusual year for this run! We planned our trip once again to arrive on the north Rim on Sept 30th, just in case the park was shut down again this year by the government. Fortunately it was not, and all went well as far as accommodations. Thursday, when we arrived at the South Rim, the sky was unsettled but clear and we hiked some trails and photographed a lot of rim scenery and animals. But by dinner time, the last giant wave of the summer monsoon let loose, and it poured so hard you could not see into the canyon at all during the most intense parts. The hail came next and as we ate dinner, the ground turned white and ferocious winds shook the building! Those poor hikers coming up the south rim, they were caught in this. But the trail was very bad in shape, totally covered with water, mud and huge rock slides. This was the setting for my trek down into the canyon at 4am the next morning!

As I hit the trail head in the dark at 4am Friday morning, the sky was clearing fast and stars were visible lighting my path. But all the way down to the river the trail was so filled with water that it was impossible to make good time to the river. Even the long flats in the Supai and Bright Angel Shale were covered with giant ruts, huge rocks and mud. It took me an extra hour just to get to Phantom Ranch on the north side of the river! The rain damage was far less on the north side, and I was able to make up some of the lost time on the way back up to the North Rim.

In all the years of running the Canyon, I had never seen such water damage such as this. It will take them years to fix all of it and clean up the trails. But no rain on this day, and crossing the widest part of the Grand Canyon and coming up on the top of the North side was as exhilarating as ever. I cant put into words the magic of going up through the bright red maples, up into the cliff faces and up onward to the most fantastic fall aspen display you will ever see on the top. It takes your breath away.

We are already reserved for another Pioneer Cabin for next year. You cant wait - they go very fast about one year out.

Photo Pictorial

Right at sunset on the South Rim the night before, the sun finally comes out after the tremendous rain downpour and a rainbow appears over the canyon.

Here I am coming out of the Canyon half a day later, the last few hundred feet to the top!

And at the top - what fantastic fall colors in the Aspens!

Inside the Canyon, with Sony Camera
Going north, and looking back at the south rim, we can see the first light of sunrise miles away still.

The water fall was in full surge after the rains just before the ranger station after Cottonwood camp.

Fossils of Cambrian animals on the trail near the Pump House / Ranger Station.

Looking up from the pump house, the canyon ahead is what we must climb out of.  Its about 4 miles to the top.

Tons of moisture still in the Canyon, looking down from a lookout in the Coconino Sandstone.

From the Coconino lookout the view into the side canyon that leads up to the top on the north side.
The Flagstaff Half Marathon and 10k trail run events Flagstaff, Az Sept 17th, 2016
Finishers Medal and sweat shirt
A really big change in weather from two weeks before, when we ran the Gaspin race up at the same Nordic Center in the pouring rain.  When we arrived, the parking lot was allready nearly full at 7am, and the sky was clear and blue.  It was cold however, low 30s.  Fortunately by the time the race started at 8am it warmed up to the 50s and the running temps were perfect for most of the run.  Only near the end when it was in the low 70s was it feeling pretty warm.  The race starts at 8000 feet and runs up to 9100 feet or so, then down to the start area and back up again, then down to the finish.  The course is brutal, full of big sharp rocks, tree roots that try to trip you, and loose gravel.  And did I mention the giant gopher holes hiding all over the course?  I saw half a dozen runners fall or trip but most of us made it across the finish line in one piece.  This is not a run for the meek - its one of the hardest most challenging trail runs in this part of the country.  We both did fine, and had a great time as always.  Cant wait for next year!
Photo Pictorial
Packet pickup  before the race

One of the winning plaques for the fastest runners

Medals for the finishers all layed out!

Getting final instructions for the Half.  They need a PA system...

Here I am in green with yellow hat ready to race!

The half marathon starts!  Im just right of center.

Off we go into the woods, and up and up...

Finisher line shot, what a fantastic weather we had today.

Dawn after her awesome 10k performance.

Parting shot of the San Francisco peaks on the way out of Flagstaff.  
The Gaspin in the Aspen 15k trail run events Flagstaff, Az Aug 27, 2016
Race Shirt
The monsoon once again wreaked its revenge on us for this race, which we do every year as part of the ramp up for the fall Rim to Rim Canyon run. The rain was coming down so hard on our drive to Flagstaff this year, you could hardly see the lines on the road! It let up a bit when we got there, which it was then drizzling at a crispy 43 degrees. It never got out of the mid 40's for the entire race.
Photo Pictorial

Before the Race:
Coming into Flagstaff, there is allready some snow on the peaks!

Here is the parking area as we came in, still raining pretty good.

Table under the tent with the winners awards.

Under the tent. Yes, it is as cold as it looks!

Starting line before the race.  You can see the rain drops in the gigantic puddle here.

They were not able to set up  the time clock because of the rain.

The kids fun run coming in.

Lining up in the rain for the race.  Instructions and cautions were a bit too brief, but the route was well marked.

And away we go!  I am in the yellow hat just right of center.  One of the few races I have ever run with a sweatshirt on.

Dawin doing the 5k captured by Neil.

The rain let up after the race started, here Im passing Neil. Check out my P-R Gaiters!

Pacing another slower runner to get him across the line as we both near the finish.  He was drenched, cold and fading fast.

Coming into the finish line.

Finish shot!

Dawn at finish line too!

Parting shot, Some sun started to come out.  It was still 46 degrees...
The BBBS Dave McKay Half Marathon and 10k Flagstaff, Az Aug 13, 2016
Race Shirt
Without a doubt, this was for us the wettest and muddiest race this trail run has ever been this year! It had rained for days before the race, and fortunately, had stopped on race day. The trail and back roads were a mess. Foot deep muck was all along the path, and although valiant attempts to fix the trail were tried, it was still in places really slow going. Once again, Neil did a fantastic job at coordinating this event, and no doubt without his amazing efforts to bring the trails into a trail running success the event would have never happened. Over 250 runners showed up, and We both did fine, tieing our slowest run ever for this race! But what fun it was - bounding through huge water obstacles, giant washed out logs, massive piles of washed out wood chips and of course the complimentary giant gopher holes. The good news is that no one was seriously hurt this year and the aid stations were well manned.
Photo Pictorial

Before the Race:
Setting up in the finishing area, same place we picked up our race bibs and shirts.

Neil on left talking with race personel.

During the Race:
The moment of race start!

Im on the left in orange...

Neil waiting for runners to come in.  He photographed most of them too!

Here I come, the last up hill thrust..

And over the finish line!

After the Race:
Finish line shots:

Dawn at the finish line too.

Talking with Neil after the run about the challenging course.
The Whiskey Row Half Marathon and 10k Prescott, Az May 14, 2016 Roadrunner at Watkins Lake
10k and Half Marathon Medals
2016 will definitely mark one of the warmest years We have raced this one.  It was near 60 at start time of 7am for the half, and when I came  it just after 9am, it was close to 80 degrees.  Needless to say I was pouring with sweat when I came over the finish line on this one!  Dawn race walked the  10k and finished in a fast 1:33 this year.  This was a good year for me to run the half marathon.  It was just too hot for any longer distance.  Maybe next year will be cooler!
Photo Pictorial

Before the Race:
Stopping off on the way to Prescott, while on the top of the Rim we found a good wildflower location

Juniper forest on the Rim on Zane Grey Highway

Finally at Watkins lake, we find a nice bird sanctuary on one end of the lake.  Here is a huge blue Heron.

Flycatcher perched on a reed

Blue Heron head close up

Various geese and ducks at the boat launching area on the lake.

The lake in the Granite Dells

Snow capped San Fransisco peaks in Flagstaff.

One of the birds we found at the lake was a road runner!

Photos from the Race - Dawn is photographer

Entry sign to the packet pickup

The gymnasium which we picked up bibs, race bags and shirts.

Runners lining up the next morning on Whiskey Row.  Im in light blue in the middle.

Starting line, which the Prescott fire dept. brought out its ladder truck to hold the sign up.

Race start with gunshots!

Half marathoners on thier way - Im in the center here in blue.

Lining up for the next race- the 10k.

The last mile - Here I am coming in up that last terrible hill!

Just before crossing the finish line

Finishing area for all runners on the Courthouse lawn

Me after the race - finish line shot.

Dawn after her 10k 
The Brian Mckelsen Half Marathon and 10k Cottonwood, Az April 16, 2016
Half and 10k medals, Shirt
This year, we had sunshine but colder tempertures with plenty of wind. While I did the Half, Dawn did the 10k. This is one of our favorites for scenery and combines about 1/3 off road with lots of hilly back roads and a run right through down town Cottonwood. Always a great time. We both did very well, and surprisingly I got third again for my age group!
Photo Pictorial

Lining up for the Half marathon.  I am with the green shirt in the middle.

Getting final instructions for the race.  Since it is a lot of difficult trail, there were additional obstacles.

Police escort for the start of the race.

Race start!

Here I come over the finish line!  What a fantastic run.

Looking over the finish area after the race

Finish line shot

Finish line - Dawn
The Phoenix Half Marathon Phoenix, Az Feb 27, 2016
medal, Shirt, Arm sleeves
This year, we both did the half marathon, and while I finished at a moderately fast pace, Dawn smashed her old record time for the fastest half marathon ever (3h 18m) ! Dawn also worked the expo handing out bibs this year the day before, and this made for a very involved event for both of us. Here are a few photos of the events best memories!
Photo Pictorial

Packet pickup before the runners arrived - This is where Dawn worked the day before the race.

Me at the starting line for the Half Marathon!  This run was very special in many ways, the least of which was this was my 100th race!

Looking back from the starting line for the Half, runners waiting for the time to line up.

Minutes before race start.

After the race, Dawn poses in front of the finish line on her FASTEST HALF EVER!

I did very well too, and had a great time!

Post Race Expo
Sedona Marathon Events - 10k Sedona, Az Feb 6, 2016
The course was completely dry this year, after last years rains had canceled the full marathon. Clear skies and perfect temperatures were the hall mark of this years events, and Dawn race walked the 10k in record time this year! - in 1h 37m 48s. I sat this one out, since I am training for another event. With a total of over 2500 runners for all events, this year was full of fun and excitement, yet not too big to be overwhelming. We watched the marathoners take off first, followed 10 minutes later by the half. Then the 10k gun was fired. The biggest events here is the 10k and half, attracting the most runners from all over the world. Here are a few shots of the event!
Photo Pictorial
A mini expo is held this year at the finish line - much larger than before!

Areal veiw from a nearby ridge

From the same vantage point, looking toward the start / finish line

Dawn contemplates before the race

Race start at gunfire!

Race start

Dawn begins her race!

Snow capped mountains in the distance

Old train bridge from the starting area

The parking area

Sedona from the parking area

Runners coming in for the 10k

Dawn coming in to finish line

After the race - post race shot with finish line
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