Updated 12/19/05

 Here you will find the test platform we used to develop the highly bash resistant bumper system for Geobot-1. After several months of trying various concepts and designs, we came up with this one which was rugged and reliable even on a Lego constructed robot. The design was upscaled and installed in Geobot seen here.
  Skidbot is a 4 wheel drive machine, that steers like a "Bobcat" construction front loader. Both wheels on each side always move in the same direction, backward or forward and are driven in pairs with a single shaft per side and a worm drive. The bumper front plate is seen here, ready for a rugged try out with some big rocks!
 The large 4 wheel drive system goes over some pretty big pebbles, some over an inch tall. To turn, the wheels on one side go forward, and the other side the wheels go backwards, creating a somewhat jerky but dependable traction steering system. It essentially "skids" around turns, thus its name. 
  The new bumper prototype consists of a front bar with two push rods that slide in and out under spring tension. They push two switches located behind the grey spacers to reach out and push the buttons. It is flexible, yet can take frontal and side impacts and remain durable and reliable.

 Movie Clip

900Kb MPG
 This small movie clip with a small amount of sound shows a few feet of navigation with the setup.

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