Equipment For Astrophotography

The Author has written a number of articles for magazines and publications in the past few years which can be referenced below.

In this section we discuss the hardware you'll need to produce your astroimages, including mountings, drive systems, drive correctors, CCD autoguiders, cameras, focusers, guidescopes, and the most important piece of hardware, the astrograph itself.

Wide Angle Lenses

  1. Wide Field Astrophotography 1
  2. Wide Field Astrophotography 2
  3. Wide Field Astrophotography 3
  4. Wide Field Astrophotography 4
  5. Wide Field Astrophotography 5

Prime Focus

  1. Prime Focus Astrophotography 1
  2. Prime Focus Astrophotography 2
  3. Prime Focus Astrophotography 3
  4. Coma in Prime Focus Systems


  1. A New On/Off Axis Guiding System 1
  2. A New On/Off Axis Guiding System 2
  3. A New On/Off Axis Guiding System GIF Illustration
  4. Chained Guiding - A Better Way to Guide Long Exposures

Photographing Comets

  1. Photographing Comets 1
  2. Photographing Comets 2
  3. Photographing Comets 3
  4. Photographing Comets 4


  1. Obtaining Sharp Astophotos

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