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Brian Mikelsen Memorial Run Events April 8th, 2017
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After recovering from my pulled hamstring last month, it was great to get back to running in races again, and this event has a perfect mix of both road and trail running.  I did the half this year again, and Dawn race walked the 10k.  We both did well, and while I only placed 5th in my age group because I am still taking it cautiously on the down hills, Dawn placed 4th in her age division - the best she has ever done on this race!  Weather was a bit cold at race start, but warmed up to a perfect racing temperature at the end. 
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Phoenix Marathon Events Feb 25, 2017
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This year, while I was side lined due to a pulled hamstring, Dawn race walked the Half Marathon in nearly perfect weather. She did well coming in at 3:21:10 and this is one of her fastest half marathons ever! We are both looking forward to next years race.
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Dawn coming in to the finish line after her fast half!

Sedona Marathon Events Feb 17, 2017
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This year we did a lot of things for the first time ever, and all of us had a great time in fantastic weather.  I signed up for the full marathon this year for the first time, and had no major difficulties in this grueling back roads distance event.  Dawn race walked the 10k with our friend from Australia - Nakita, and her sister Sheri and nieces Alyssa and Genna.  The amazing scenery and well run races makes this a perfect family experience! 

We met Sheri, Alyssa and Genna race morning at our motel in Sedona.  The race was a later time than we are used to, 9am for the full and 9:10 for the half, 9:20 for the 10k.  But with clear skies, and a stunning sunrise the crowds were in great spirits.  A record this year, 3100 runners for all events - more than ever before.  300 did the marathon along with me.  At 9am, the horn sounded off and I was on my way in the marathon.  20 minutes later, Dawn and gang started the 10k. 

The marathon is very hilly on the paved portion, and is also the return route for coming back to the finish line.  If this wasn't challenging enough, once we hit the dirt roads full of golf ball sized gravel, potholes and washboard the hills really got long and steep.  At the turn around there was a lot of uphill.  Id have to rate this run one of the most difficult races, but not quite as challenging as Whiskey Row. 

When I came running over the finish line, Dawn and Nakita were cheering me on to the finish.  Sheri and gang had finished and gone to meet Dawn and Sheri's parents that were staying in Sedona that day as well.  After we got back to the motel and cleaned up, they all came by to visit us in the motel room.  I stayed that night and left for Payson the next morning after breakfast.  Dawn and Nakita went to the cabin in Happy Jack to go skiing the next day. 

To conclude, we like the half, 10k and full on this one, and are planning on returning once again next year to certainly do this event again!

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Sedona Sunrise, day of the Race

Sheri dressed to scare the competition!

Genna, Dawn, Nakita, Alyssa, Sheri

Starting line for the 10k

Nakita and the T rex!

During the 10k

Sheri starts to fall back

Post race!

The "Bolt" pose!

Here I am coming in to the finish on the Marathon...

Last few feet - Feel my pain!

Finish line photo

Here are some of the commercial images taken during the races:

Me near the finish line.  

Dawn, Sheri, Genna


Crossing the finish line!

Nakita is having fun!

The last few feet before finish!


PF Chang Rock and Roll Half Marathon Jan 15 - 2017 - Tempe, Az
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Over 10,000 runners this year did the half marathon - Which is one of the most popular distances for this race. While I nestled in with the masses for this half, Dawn race walked the 10k and finished only a few minutes after I did making it the perfect race situation at the finish line. Once again, we were lucky - as the rain predicted that day never materialized. We had great temps in the 50s, and no sun to bake us at the finish miles. We both exceeded our raceing goals for this race on this day, and had a great time.

While I have done the full several times on this one, I prefer the half because the route is more scenic and I dont like the long distance after the Mill Avenue bridge to the finish line when doing the full. Racing should be about getting fit, getting outdoors, and having a fun time after all!

Photo Pictorial
At the starting line just before race start for the Half Marathon.  

Looking behind me, ready to race - thousands of runners!

Dawn race walks the 10k (commercial images)

 Racing in toward the finish line on the Half!

Finish line shots!