Vision Logic Open File Report

Updated 3/15/09

3/15/09 - Base Robot Complete

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 All three levels of the robot are now installed, with each level sporting fully functional electronics. THIS is the base Vision Logic robot I will be using for all future robotic vision experiments. The robot is about 9 inches wide, and about that tall. Each level has a designated function. The bottom base level for example is the drive motors, 12v rechargeable gel cell battery, and wheels. It also contains a fully functional 5 section bumper switch array for normal movement in unpredictable environments.

The second level is the processor board, number two of three custom made robot boards I designed, for use with a PIC16F877a processor. It contains all the control for the robot. Currently, the base program is the converted software from the entire PicBot II series on bumper logic. The robot in other words has about the most intelligence you can pack into a bumper controlled robot, the result of the four month long Bumper Logic program. The center level also now contains a new device - an SP03 text to speech processor with speaker. This will for the very first time allow this robot or any other I have made to TALK. Im hoping Ill be able to use it to describe what it is seeing, without having to always look at the LCD.

The top level is the experiment pallet. It now contains an illuminated serial LCD display for indicating numerical values and status. All the vision experiments will be mounted on this top plate to guide the robot in its assigned task.

   Top view of the robot ready for action. Currently it can roam around autonomously, and escape nearly any condition it bumps into. This will be the background basic program running, just in case the vision experiment goes awry!
   Here IVe opened the "hood". The top plate hinges upward like this to make the main board easily accessible for programming and assembly. The square speaker like box at the bottom is the speech engine. It is very sophisticated, they do not make these anymore, and it is one of the last of its kind.