(Really Slow Robot)

Updated 6/28/05

 Here is a very slow dual worm drive autonomous robot of minimal capability, as a single photocell line follower. I've always wanted to try line follower robots, and after making this highly geared drive system, I added the line following capability. Another Lego Mindstorms type robot, this one you can see the dual black worms on the motor shafts in the upper right image. This made the robot move several seconds per inch, and took 4 minutes to circumnavigate the round track you see on the lower right! To improve the rather poor white light sensor response, a cover plate was added as well around the sensor which was only 1mm off the ground.

One sensor line followers go on one edge of the line, they don't follow the inside of the black line itself. The code is very simple - go left if you see white, and go right if you see black. So it follows in a rather ratcheting manner the edge of the line forever.


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