More Bald Eagle shots from the

Verde River, Az. - Canon 10D

Uploaded 10/2/04

 Sighting Bald Eagles in Arizona is a rare experience, nearly all of Arizona residents have never seen one. But for a few weeks during October, the migration from Mexico brings them in and alert bird watchers can spot them if they know exactly where to find them. This fellow, has taken up temporary residence on the Verde Rivers South side along Highway 87 going to Payson. We were about 500 feet from the huge bird.

All shots were with our new digital SLR with the Sigma 600mm mirror lens, the ASA set for 400, and the camera in burst mode. Here are the best of about 70 images taken on the afternoon of September 30th, 2004.

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When we first arrived, this 
was the normal perch.

With camera in burst mode
the eagle then took off toward
the river.

Off to the river for food...

Returning a few minutes later
to the same tree.
Landing sequence 1
Landing sequence 2
Landing sequence 3
Landing sequence 4
Landing sequence 5
Landing sequence 6
Looking around after landing
Getting ready to take off again
Leaping to the next branch
Touch down

The new view

Preening time !

Looking right at us.

Looking for the Hawks.

Watching the dragon flies

Camera: Canon 10D Lens: Sigma 600mm f/8 Catadioptric Platform: Bogen Tripod Exposure: 1/250 @ f/8 Filters: NONE Location: Verde River, Fountain Hills, Az Elevation: 1200 ft. Outside Temperature: 82F Processing: Photoshop CS HOME


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