Double Crested Cormorants and Great Blue Herons At Roosevelt Lake

Uploaded 6/29/03

 The water level at Roosevelt lake is near an all time high, and the west end of the lake which is normally a wooded playa is now flooded, and provides an excellent bird sanctuary for the breeding large birds. These shots were taken from the shorline of the lake, with my 100-400mm L Canon lens with the 10D. Some images are cropped to the center of the frame.

  Overview from the shore
  Tree load of nesting Cormorants
  And its near peak of the flower season in this part of Az too!
  Flying toward next with a trout in its mouth
  Many coots were also seen amongst the lower branches
  A lone male waits for a mate
  Fishing time!
  Flying Cormorant
  Nest view
  Feeding the young
  Reflections 1
  Reflections 2
  Reflections 3
  This one soared right over us
  Comming in for a landing!
  This large male Heron joins the female in the nest
  Nesting pair of Herons
  The lone male waits for a mate

Camera: Canon 10D 6.3Mp Exposure: Shutter Priority - 1/1000 Filters: UV Location: Roosevelt Lake, Az Elevation: 1800 ft. Outside Temperature: 60 F Processing: Photoshop CS2 HOME