Birds in the Payson Area

Uploaded 6/5/05

 Here is the initial posting of our growing collection of Arizona Birds, all photographed by us with both digital and film. Some birds are very hard to approach, and it will take time to get better shots, however in time after I get the hundreds of bird images we have taken uploaded, we can work on bettering our shots.

All Images are 800 x 600 in size - Click on thumbnails to enlarge

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American Robin
Black Headed Grosbeak
Black Headed Grosbeak
House Finches
House Finch Male
  House Finch Female
  House Finch Female
  House Sparrow Female
  House Sparrow Male
  Mourning Dove
  Red Tailed Hawk
  Red Tailed Hawk
  Red Tailed Hawk
  Say's Phoebe
  Violet Green Swallow
  Western King Bird F&M
  Yellow Warbler

Camera: Canon 10D Lens: 100 - 400mm f/4.5 L Platform: Bogen Tripod Exposure: Aperture Priority Filters: NONE Location: Town of Payson and vicinity Elevation: 5000 ft. HOME


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