Venus 1 day before Conjunction with the Orion 10" f/3.9 Newtonian Astrograph March 24, 2017 Uploaded 3/24/17
Despite seeing that was so bad from a departing weather front last night, we were able to get a good practice session for tommorows potential conjunction shot with the same setup. The phase today is at 1% and Venus is less than 10 degrees from the Sun. The key to making such images and keeping the glare of the nearby Sun out of the tube of the Newtonian is to make a long extension "dew cap" on the front of the tube to shadow its interior.

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1290 x 960 sized
Processing: 25/2000 best frames, alignment in Autostakkert, Wavelets in Registax, Levels and Contrast Masking In Photoshop CS2,
Instrument: Orion (GSO) 10" f/3.9 with 5x Barlow Platform: Astrophysics AP1200 CCD Camera: Image Source DMK 51AU03.AS Filter: Orion IR Pass Exposure: 1/37 sec 12fps Location: Payson, Arizona Elevation: 5150 ft. Sky: Seeing 2/5, Transparency 7/10 Outside Temperature: 65F