Wolf Rayet Bubble in Cygnus

Uploaded 9/16/2001

The hot stellar wind that drives this nebula is just below center, the 7.2 magnitude type O4 known as HD 192163. Such nebulas formed when hot stellar winds blow bubbles are know as "Wolf Rayet" stars. The resulting nebula is tattered and moving away from the star at high speed. The brightest and best part of the nebula is shown here. Also known as Sharpless 2-105, it is 18 arc minutes long and gradiates in color from a deeper red to pinks from left to right. This is an RRGB image, the luminosity data was taken with the red filter.

Instrument:  12.5" f/5 Home made Newtonian
Platform:  Astrophysics 1200 QMD
CCD Camera:  SBIG ST7E w/Enhanced Cooling
Exposure: RRGB = 60:20:20:36 (RGB Binned 2x2)  
Filters:  RGB Tricolor
Location:  Payson, Arizona
Elevation:  5150 ft.
Sky:  Seeing 6/10, Transparency 6/10
Outside Temperature:  21 C
CCD Temperature:  -20 C
Processing:  Maxim DL, Photoshop, PW Pro.




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